Frequently Asked Questions

Using a Property Finder will save you a huge amount of time and an even bigger amount of money. A full-time Property Finder spends all day, everyday searching, hunting and seeking out the country’s best property deals. A great Property Finder knows every inch of the property market and has already well-established relationships with Real Estate Agents, Vendors and other Property Professionals. Great Property Finder’s usually have superior negotiating abilities and people management skills which allow them obtain impressive results. Furthermore, trusted Property Finder’s usually already have an established list of genuine and trusted Buyers who they can pass their deals immediately onto which actually means that the average Property Investor who has no relationship with a Property Finder isn’t even seeing the best deals out there in the market and are having to settle for second best.

At Discount Property, we don’t just find good deals we take it to the next level and we negotiate and even better deal. We are genuine and trustworthy and are interested in building and maintaining relationships with our Vendor’s, Agent’s and Buyer’s and in conducting repeat business with them by being fair and honest and striving to keep all parties to a property deal happy and a part of a win-win solution.

Yes, of course. Sometimes there may be 2 or 3 or 4 back-up contracts on our properties. This is why it’s important to contact us the moment you see one of our properties that fits with your buying criteria.

Talk to us. We offer a specialized property finding and negotiation service for our Buyer’s who are interested in a particular type of property in order to match their buying criteria.

A Deed of Assignment is a standard legal document that transfers a Purchaser’s rights and obligations with respect to a Sale and Purchase Agreement to another purchaser. Eg, one party ‘assigns’ the contract to another.

In a Contemporaneous Settlement a property is sold twice on the same day. For example, the property might first be sold to Discount Property or one of our negotiators and then onto you.

Yes, you can. However, we normally have quite short time restraints so you may not get a Due Diligence period as long as you would like. This is why we encourage our Investors to be prepared and know their market so that they can instantly recognize a good deal and can move quickly. We will supply as much information to you as we have available after your initial inquiry.

Usually our Due Diligence periods are from 1 – 3 days depending on how quickly you have contacted us in relation to a particular property.

Yes, we do. If you are an Agent, please remember to add your fee to the sale prices that we quote.

Yes, absolutely. If you are a Property Finder or Trader, please remember to add your fee to the sale prices that we quote.