How It Works

We work from a portfolio of investors. If you are on it you will be notified of property deals.

1) Secure Property

We secure the property with a Sale & Purchase Agreement either unconditionally or for about 5-7 days.

2) Email the Details

We email the details of the property out to the people on our mailing list. If you are not on our list, then you may only hear about our properties from an Agent or Trader as everything moves quickly and we don’t usually have time to advertise in traditional media such as The Property Press and newspapers.

3) Contact Us

Once you receive an email from us regarding property that you are interested in, contact us ASAP. 50% of the properties we secure will be ‘snapped-up’ within the first 48 hours and 99% will be gone within 4 - 5 days.

4) Pre-approved Finance

We strongly advise people to arrange pre-approved finance before getting too excited about a particular property. Our properties really do move very fast and people can become very disappointed when their bank cannot approve them fast enough.

5) Property Advice

Once you have informed us that you are interested in a particular property, we will help you get the information that you need to make the decision to go unconditional.

6) Bank Approval

If you have pre-approved finance we may sign the property over to you exclusively for 1-3 days so you may get final approval from your bank before going unconditional. Sometimes a bank will want a Registered Valuation or a Builders Report; we can refer you on to Builders and Property Valuers who can sometimes do same-day reports.

We have two ways of transferring the property to you.

1) Double Settlement or Contemporaneous Settlement

The first is called a Double Settlement or Contemporaneous Settlement. This is when we have brought the property and will on-sell it to you on the same day. When this happens there will be a Sale & Purchase Agreement between you and us and what is called a Lawyers Undertaking that we have the legal right to on-sell the property to you. This is sent directly to your lawyer once we have a Sale & Purchase Agreement between you and us, and before you pay the deposit.

2) Assignment, Novation or Nominee

The Second way is by Assignment, Novation or Nominee. This is when you will take over the Sale & Purchase Agreement from us with a Deed Of Assignment or a Deed Of Novation.